Ever since I started working on the night shift (March 2012), I have become the type of person who nurtures the feeling of sleepiness and does not do anything about it even at duty hours. I flirt with it. I hope it lingers. I just effin enjoy it because heck, I used to have months of sleeping disorders! So why shouldn’t I love being sleepy, right? For someone who have spent eight consecutive hours on bed wide awake when I should not be, being sleepy is a blessing!!

So I am obviously sleepy now — yes, at work once again — despite the fact I took a glass of cold espresso after dinner. I did not knowingly drink it to keep me awake to tonight, but I only took it since it was required so I could get hold of my 2013 CBTL planner. Then I realized, one whole glass and no effect?!

I am retarded-ly sleepy now and my thought pattern is feeling the abstract vibe. In short, going nowhere sensible. I just actually wanted to say I am sleepy. And I loveet.